To create an enchanting garden retreat for yourself, you need to create a healthy habitat where your pot plants can flourish. Containers aren’t a natural home for plants. So, they will need some extra attention to keep them happy and looking attractive. Here are some gardening secrets to help keep your small space potted garden looking its best.


Firstly, choose a cosy space for your potted garden. Then, observe how the light conditions there change through the day. Take note of the climate and weather conditions of your location. Ask yourself some questions regarding your area. For example, does it get full sun, partial sun, direct light, indirect light, shade, partial shade, or deep shade? Does it have the morning sun or afternoon sun? How well is it protected from elements, like wind and rain? How much space do you have? What is the humidity? When you select a plant, try to choose one that is suited for container gardens. You also want to get a plant that is right for the light conditions and climate that your location can provide. If you decide on an indoor garden, make sure that your plants will have ample light. Put trays under the pots. You don’t want watermarks on your floors from the draining holes.



Some popular choices are clay pots and terracotta. Plastic and glazed terracotta won’t dry out your plants as quickly as the unglazed option. Choose a size that will be fit for your plant when it is mature so that they don’t become potbound. Try to replant yearly and replace the soil mix. It’s all about the earth. To keep our plants’ roots healthy, ensure that the soil mix has a balance of quality drainage and adequate water retention. It is imperative that your potted plants have sufficient drainage so that their roots don’t rot. To stop soil draining out the bottom of the pots, you can place coffee filters or old newspaper sheets over the holes.


The larger your pots are, the less you have to water them to keep your plants abundantly moist. If a plant dries out, you can rehydrate it by letting it soak in water for a couple of hours. During summer you may have to water more than once per day. In the rainy season prop your pots up so that the roots don’t rot from insufficient drainage. As plants grow and bloom, they use up the nutrients in the soil. It’s essential to replace these nutrients by adding compost or organic fertilisers like worm castings.

When you have planted your new potted haven, it’s up to you to give your plants the care they need to thrive. When taken care of and respected, nature will provide you with tranquillity, calm and beauty. It is a fantastic pastime to care for plants, whether you create a jungle-inspired indoor oasis, a Bali-inspired space filled with tropical potted plants placed in wicker baskets, or even a cottage potager garden filled with culinary herbs and edible flowers in terracotta pots. There are endless possibilities to plant artistic and enchanting gardens where you can relax and enjoy nature.


By ‘Simply A Small Potager’


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